Sorry to be a pain but i’ve moved site…you can keep up to date with me from now on here:


WHSmith have more of my cards in store…and this time they’re for Easter! They are little packs of five cards, either featuring an Easter Chick, Easter Bunny or simply an Easter Egg.

Happy Easter everyone!

A while ago I posted the preview to the book I illustrated for Caterpillar Books called ‘Lily’s Lost Spots’. Well, firstly it’s had a cover re-vamp, and secondly, the second of these ‘Lots to Spot’ books is now on their website too. It’s titled ’Sammy’s Stripes’ and is all about and young tiger called Sammy who is searching for his stripy friend Tom, and along the way he meets lots of stripy animal friends!

I’m still not sure when the release date is for these books, but you can preview them here:

I popped into my local WH Smiths on saturday and was very happy to see my greeting card designs in there. I was commissioned by WHSmith last year to illustrate and design a delicate feminine range of cards exclusively for WHSmith, of which approximately 30 designs in total went to print. It’s great to see them finally in the shops!

Lots of Princesses, Princes and royal sorts in my work at the moment…and here’s a friendly little royal pooch that features in the publication…

My agents, Advocate, have created a book containing an illustrated sample of a book character from a selection of Artists, predominantly as a promotional and marketing tool for all of us artists and themselves Advocate. And I am very pleased to say in I am featured in it, and was very excited to receive a copy today. It’s an enchanting little book containing so many wonderful illustrations.

Here’s a peek at mine (please excuse the poor photography!)…

Today I received my samples of the Daydream Doodle Book I illustrated for the lovely people at Autumn Publishing. It’s an Easter activity book with the idea that you finish off the illustrations I have started…just a bit of Easter fun really!


and the cover (just in case you want to look out for it) is a Tesco design…as it’s a product only available in Tescos!…

…so, it’s a bit early, but I’ll say it anyway, HAPPY EASTER!

Sorry I haven’t updated for so long…I am completely and utterly overloaded with work so have had no time really to write on here. However, I have managed to take a few minutes to add a new page of my enamelling work (click the link to the page at the top or here

I am excited to be participating in a new exhibition which is starting next Friday at ‘Craft in the Bay’ in Wales. Click here to see the link to their website if you fancy a nosy…


How exciting!  Last year I illustrated a quirky interpretation of the classic fairytale Cinderella for the wonderful book publishers Simon and Schuster.

Their synopsis: “The classic fairy tale Cinderella is retold with a silly twist in this playful, interactive format that’s sure to keep little ones laughing. Readers can turn the wheel on each page of this paper-over-board title to choose the correct words needed to complete the scene and further the story. Once the “right” word is displayed, the art on the wheel completes the image. Silly options will entertain and guide readers to choose the correct word and image.”

And guess what…its available to order now! If you fancy a peek (or even ordering one) you can see it on Simon and Schusters website:

or at Amazon:

Happy New Year to everyone! Let’s hope 2011 is a successful and happy year for all.x

I trekked all the way through the blizzarding snow today (100 metres down the road!) to collect my very own puzzle  – it was very exciting to open it. It’s strange when you see the work as a final printed product!

Last weekend I went to a fantastic 80’s themed party. It was hilarious…I have never seen so many legwarmers, pink eyeshadows, big shoulder pads and double-denim looks in one room. Not to mention the numerous quiffed, gelled, back-combed and thickly sprayed hair styles that were sported! I chose to go in attire inspired by Jane Fonda and her workout videos with a hint of the good old classic film ‘Fame’.

So for some reason I thought I’d sketch my outfit, just while I wait for my Mac to sort itself out and start working again…

It’s been a busy few weeks again and the start of some new projects this month. I’ve been working on a number of new greetings card designs for various clients as well as frantically trying to print, cut, glue, paste, and diamante-ify (yes a new word!!) my own cards to send this year. And I’m soon to start some new princess and fairy book illustrations …time to get out the pink paint!

oh and the quick sketch is just a funny memory of mine…the day we dressed our little Bailey up as a hula-hound. I don’t think he was amused! oops.

Very exciting…the Night and Day puzzle that I illustrated a while back is now for sale in Marks and Spencer. I can’t wait to see the final product in the shops, I’ll have to make a trip to M&S asap!

If you fancy buying one (I have to do my promotional bit here!), or just fancy taking a peek at it, click the link here:

Bailey is my battersea-rescue-pup. Well actually he’s not really a pup, more a bit of an old man now (nearing on 100 years old), and one of my favourite times with him is bath time. I can’t say he enjoys the actual bath bit at all, but the best part is after, when he thumps and plods and rolls about the bathroom floor crazily trying to dry himself. It’s a moment full of joy…just a shame about the wet dog stench after!

Yay…Advocate, my wonderful agents, have featured me on their blog as part of their ‘Artist Bios’ section.

Click here to see more:


Apologies for not having ‘blogged’ for a while. I’ve been mega busy finishing off two books for one client, another book for another client, and then straight into working on some new puzzle sample sketches. And now its back to another book…the follow up to ‘Lily’s Lost Spots’…

…so as usual its a caffiene and sugar fuelled day…and off to the jungle I play! (sorry couldn’t resist).

Feeling incredibly tired today…think its going to be a green-tea-caffeine-fuelled day! To the colouring we go…

Marcel is still poorly, so Trevor the Terrier is helping me out today. We’re going to colour…!

I’ve been working on lots and lots of roughs for my current book projects with various Clients lately, and its finally time to go ahead with the final illustrations – time to inject some colour! This is the exciting bit. Busy day ahead…


The lurgies still linger despite my attempts to battle them off!

They’re not helping me creativity at all.

Fingers crossed they get bored soon…Good night.

Yay! Take a look at the book I have recently illustrated for Caterpillar Books, it’s called ‘Lily’s Lost Spots’. The reader can help Lily look for her lost spots by lifting the giant flaps and he/she will meet lots of spotty animal friends along the way.

Take a look at it on their website :

I’ll update when its available to buy!


Unfortunately I’m struggling today with the nasty winter germs and bugs…they finally got me.

But hopefully a a few large cups of of lemsip, a nice big hot water bottle and my bed will sort it out!

Au revoir!


Just to let you all know, Bruno the bear and I have been busy putting together some sample work for you to see. So if you click on my ‘Children’s Book Illustrations‘ page or the ‘Greetings Card Portfolio‘ page you can view clippings of my creations.



Hello! So this is my first blog…and I guess just a quick hello from me and my trusty friend Marcel the mouse!

Well, what a year…busy, productive and very very exciting! I’ll soon be updating more frequently, but for now thanks for taking a peek…and back to work and my cup of green tea it is for me!

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